FingerPrinting and Notary Services

\"south-african-fingerprinting-in-new-zealand-auckland\"May 2014:  The South African Identification Act and the South African Passport and Documents Act, 1994 (Act No. 4 of 1994) clearly describes that in foreign countries, only the South African High Commission staff may take the fingerprints and do the identification and certification of applicants and their photographs.

My name is Jock Irvine and I have been a Notary Public for many years and mostly witness and authenticate documents for use overseas including court documents, property conveyancing papers and commercial documents where their authenticity is required.

The main work I do as the South African Hon Consul is to endorse documents for use in South Africa, even if they have already been signed by a NZ notary, they still have to be authenticated under the SA Government seal.

Most recently I have been taking fingerprints for renewal of South African (SA) passports . Until recently the New Zealand Police undertook this function but have now discontinued this service and I was asked to take on this role.

This means that Auckland residents can avoid having to travel to the High Commission in Wellington !! I have been the Hon Consul since June 2006 .

Please visit to arrange a suitable time for an appointment.

Jock is handly located at the offices of Quay Law – An Auckland based law firm.

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