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DIY Biltong Recipe from the Biltong Box.

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Biltong Recipe



2kg of Beef
30g non-iodized rock salt
20g Brown Sugar
1 tsp ground Black & white pepper
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
40g of roasted then crushed coriander seeds
2-3 teaspoon of chilli powder (*optional)


750ml Malt or Cider Vinegar
250ml Worcestershire sauce


1. Add Brown Vinegar and Worcestershire sauce into a bowl for the marinade.
2. Start by slicing the meat into 20-25mm strips, with the natural grain of the meat.
3. Now lay all the meat fully submerged into the marinade for 30minutes.
4. Prepare your dry mix. (Reserving some coriander for later)
5. Sprinkle mixture on the bottom of a dish of your choice.
6. Take meat out of marinade and squeeze to get excess marinade out.
7. Place a layer of meat onto the spice and sprinkle another layer of spice.
8. Continue layering and sprinkling the spice until all the meat has been used.
9. Reserve marinade for later.
10. Cover dish with lid or tinfoil and place in fridge for 8 hours/overnight.
11. Add 1L of hot water to reserved marinade.
12. Take one piece of meat out at a time and submerge in marinade.
13. Rub off all the salt and mix.
14. Place hooks into meat and sprinkle with either chilli flakes or coriander.

Place into biltong box and lay foil at bottom of box for approx. 30minutes until excess moisture has dripped onto foil. Leave meat in box for approx. 3-4 days depending on your preference. Longer for dryer biltong and shorter for a moist biltong slice.
Slice the biltong and share with family and friends. Enjoy!

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