South Africans in New Zealand – FAQ’s

South African Passport Finger Printing
  • We can provide fingerprinting services for South Africa enabling documents e.g. passports (permanent or temporary), identity documents.
  • We can provide fingerprinting services for South African documents that are non-enabling documents such as: police checks, visa applications, work permits and extensions to stay.

For more information visit South African Finger Printing 

These services are provided in Auckland at premises kindly provided by Lawyer in Auckland – Ian Mellett of Quay Law

Immigration Skills Shortage Checker

Enter your occupation to see if we need your skills in New Zealand. If you’re offered a job that’s on the List of Skilled Occupations or one of the Essential Skills in Demand Lists, and you’ve got the qualifications and experience to match, getting a work or residence visa will be easier. 

NZ Immigration Skill Shortage | New Zealand Immigration.

For Job Search Assistance contact Job Search International.

Immigration Help for New Zealand

Are you considering moving to and working in New Zealand?

Immigrating to a new country is a new beginning for many people. Quay Law especially understand that it is often a daunting process as members of our legal team have themselves immigrated from other countries. Sometimes the immigration process doesn’t go as smoothly as planned and practical advice may be helpful. We can provide that advice and are willing to advise and assist with the immigration process. Contact an Immigration Lawyer

Find a Job In New Zealand

Welcome to our Job Search International New Zealand website.  The alternative recruitment service for candidates, employees and migrants in NZ.  To ask a requirement question call us on (+64) 0211229116.

Understanding Kiwi Slang

Often understanding New Zealand language or Kiwi Slang is an important part of settling in.  I recall the “bring a plate” and “see you later”  as two Kiwi Phrases that had me flummoxed.  Hope the table below helps you with your settling in process.  This table is shared with you on the South Africans in New Zealand website.  Please remember to join our South Africans in New Zealand Facebook Group.


Sweet As  Cool or Awesome
Kiwi  New Zealanders – Also a native bird to New Zealand
No Worries  It’s OK / Not a Problem
She’ll be Right  It’s OK / Not a Problem
Haka Maori war dance, commonly used by national sports teams
Hangi  Traditional style of Maori cooking
 Flip Flops / Thongs
 G-String style underwear
Tomato Sauce  Ketchup
Yeah, nah bro
 This is an indecisive phrase, followed by an explanation
 Brother or good friend
You’re all good
 It’s OK, thank you
Pavlova Meringue, smothered in whipped cream and fresh fruit.
 Vanilla Sponge, rolled in chocolate and then rolled in coconut, served with whipped cream and jam.
 Fruit preserve/Jelly
Pharlap Famous Horse born in New Zealand during 1920’s (see him at Te Papa Museum)
Long Drop  Small outhouse over a pit, with no flushing mechanism
Cuzzie or Cuz
 Cousin. Also used instead of “Bro”
Jersey or Jumper
 Pull Over / Fleece
 Doona / Comforter
Serviette Napkin
Feijoa A popular garden tree and the fruit is commonly eaten which is green and sweet.
 Not working / Broken
Skull Drink all of your beverage (normally alcoholic) in one go without a breath
 Broke / poor / no money
GC Good Chap. Kiwi’s will commonly change the word “Chap” to another word starting with C which I will not write here in case of causing offence!
Shorts Short pants
Stubbie Can of Beer or very short pants that men wear, especially farmers and rugby players
 Thank You
Hot Chips
 French Fries
Chips Crisps
Dairy Corner Store
Eh Eh? as in Pardon?
Flannel Face Cloth
Hard Case
 Funny person – “Yeah, he’s quite a hard case”
Mate Friend – “Thanks Mate”
Chur Thank You – “Chur Bro”
 Alcohol “I’m on the piss”
Sunday Driver
 Slow driver normally well below speed limit
Wop-Wops Middle of nowhere
The Boonies
 Middle of nowhere
Tramping Hiking
Torch Flashlight
Tu Meke Awesome, good job
Waka Maori Canoe – also what we commonly refer to the bus as – “land waka”
Not Even Not true
Not Even Ow Not true Ow
Ow Not really a meaning to this, just gives the phrase being used more emphasis
Gawk Stare e.g. “stop gawking at me”
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