Honey Fashion Accessories available in New Zealand

\"honey-fashion-accessories-nz\"Honey markets (via catalogue and ever growing distributor network) an extensive, versatile, and affordable quality range of fashion accessories.

Our product is Pure Honey

Honey Management places a special focus on our products, and this ensures that our range is up-to-date and in line with international trends. We offer a wide range of styles and designs from classic to contemporary fashion for men, women and children. Our range is very affordable and meets a wide range of customer preferences and needs.

Honey products are handmade by skilled craftsmen using the most modern techniques. They are carefully inspected at every stage of manufacture, ensuring lasting pleasure and satisfaction.

Honey fashion jewellery is expertly electroplated with 24ct gold or Rhodium (and many other types of innovative metal plating), using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a lasting and high quality finish.

“Thoughtful Little Extras” (stabilisers for pierced earrings and comfort pads for clip earrings) are also available. All clip-earrings can be loosened for comfort.

Honey brooches all feature safety clasps and fine, sharp pins to avoid damage to clothing.

Honey glass-based pearls are hand polished, every one being carefully selected for its correct size, colour and lustre.

Honey’s collections are nickel-free, therefore allergy-safe, which is especially important for women who have sensitive ears and skin.

Honey watches are backed by very credible suppliers. Together, we offer good back-up service and guarantees.

Honey also offers a classic and affordable range of fine jewellery (Sterling Silver), from time‑to‑time, especially during promotional periods.

Honey Handbags reflect the latest styles, with beautiful and practical quality features and are very affordable.

Honey offers a fully comprehensive Quality Guarantee and Product Care Information to all our clients

I am also currently seeking Sales Consultants and Team Leaders to join in the ‘hit while the iron is hot’ business opportunities.

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