Scatterlings- A Tapestry of Afri-Expat Tales… Eve Hemming

About ‘Scatterlings- A Tapestry of Afri-Expat Tales…’ Eve Hemming

Scatterlings are vagabonds – homeless souls. In essence every migrant feels that way. We may leave our homeland for different reasons, but we never entirely forget our roots. Memories are embedded in the mind; in this case our southern African footprint…

Why did I write the book? – In the hopes that others’ stories and my own story would provide some solace through identification for other expats.

Being an expat from the Hilton, KZN area, I go back ‘home’ to be beguiled by my passion for the landscape, all that is familiar, and of course primarily to see our beloved family. I then fly back to our ‘other home’ in NZ; where we also have beloved family, our life and my profession as an educational psychologist.

I think I will forever feel torn as depicted in Scatterlings- A Tapestry of Expat Tales. However writing and collating the book has been a rich springboard towards others and my healing. The book shares immigrants’ tales and provides a psychological‘process’ section, which offers coping mechanisms and a better understanding of the migrant process and the various stages which immigrants can experience before reaching a level of adaptation, acculturation and acceptance.

Scatterlings is available in Ebook and Paperback on various websites such as XLibris, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

My website is link an easy way to order books in NZ.

I can be contacted on

The 1st launch in Torbay (Auckland) was a great success. This included a wee motivational talk about the book and a few reading excerpts.

The next launch will be held in West Auckland on Saturday 24th August (venue details by email inquiry please) .

Other launches are planned in Botany (Auckland) – Whangarei- Hamilton- Wellington and CHCH – or wherever there is sufficient demand by invitation – and a great way to eat- meet – greet and support other expats on this journey !

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