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Me and the wife have always wanted to move to New Zealand, but while my son was with us the wife would never consider it. Then two years ago my child was killed and now there is nothing keeping us from our dream in trying to move to New Zealand. Who could we contact in this regard.

If you can help we will forever be grateful.

I have been in Building and leasing management for more than 15 years. I am a professional with extensive experience overseeing facility, grounds and equipment for multiple sites.

My background in facilities/leasing/property management has provided me with the excellent people and communication skills necessary to succeed in this field. I am also qualified in property sales, as you see from my cv I have much more experience and can only be a asset to any company. I am able to arrange and coordinate site equipment, maintenance operations, manage people, contractors, ground, security staff and other resources, monitor activities to ensure complete and proper work is performed at all times. Ensuring customer satisfaction with delivery of facility management services and provide a lead role in monitoring and increasing customer satisfaction. Offer full satisfaction to the customer including dealing with complaints, and providing useful services to the customers.

Manage assigned responsibilities, disciplining, scheduling, training, hiring, evaluating, and mentoring for future promotion possibilities
I am a team player and most of all reliable and trustworthy and available when required..

Sincerely yours

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