Renowned international speaker and Mind Power Expert, Robin Banks returns to NZ in October!

Consider this: everything starts with a thought. As simple as that sounds, how often do we consider the positive and often times, negative impact of our thought patterns? But your thoughts are powerful forces of energy that create your Reality. It makes sense to harness that energy for good! By consciously creating your thoughts and not buying into old patterns, you create the life you want to live!

Internationally renowned speaker and author, John Kehoe, first created the Mind Power course in 1978, it was an immediate success and continues to have an impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.

John’s book “Mind Power into the 21st Century”, first published in 1988, shot to Number 1 in the bestseller list in the first week of its release and has maintained international acclaim ever since. In 2003, John Kehoe handed the reigns over to Robin, who has since connected with audiences internationally and has a very strong following in his native South Africa.

Robin will be offering free Mind Power seminars during which he will cover the following topics:

The power of mindsets

Dealing and coping with change

Internal versus external control

Maintaining a positive attitude

Creating empowering beliefs

Generating a vibrant energy field

You will leave feeling highly motivated, having challenged your own mindset and will be inspired to implement these practices in your personal and professional life.

NEW ZEALAND – Auckland, October. Complimentary Mind Power Introduction Talks 12 & 14 October 2013

Check out the website for more information.

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