No Will or is your Will out of date – NZ Law

Will Month is here so lets reflect on these recently released statistics.

  • According to Public Trust figures, 57 per cent of Aucklanders don’t have a will.
  • Those living north of Auckland were the next worst for not making provisions in the event of their death, with 52 per cent not having a will, followed by those in the central North Island, 46 per cent, and the South Island, 42 per cent.
  • Those aged 25-39 are the worst, with only 34 per cent having one.

No Will – Dying intestate can be costly.

If you die without a will or your will is deemed to be invalid, then you are said to have died intestate. In this event, administration of your estate is entirely determined by legislation and not you. Your wishes are not relevant.

For more information regarding some of the situations requiring a review of your current Will please read my recent Quay Law legal tip.

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