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Whilst I have been called many things in my life, I prefer to be called Steven. As the founder of KayMor Promotions, I am passionate about success, happiness, and living my life to the fullest. This has led me to search for the ideal way to achieve this balance – in my life and my family’s life as well as our clients.

At the age of 26, I was tired of the corporate world and was itching to work for myself. I wanted to combine my passion for learning and success, and meeting people with business. I decided I needed to “take the bull by the horns” and set my own destiny. I started my first company called Thistle Promotions (as I was born in Scotland and the national flower is a Thistle – hence the name) in the January of 1997.

Thistle Promotions was very successful and after 15 years of trading, I personally signed customers such a Canon, Subaru, Dell, Afrox B.O.C, Qatar Airways, and ER24 to name a few. Thistle Promotions was sold in 2012 when I immigrated to Auckland.

The main reason my wife and I immigrated to New Zealand, is to provide a better future for our children. KayMor Promotions name is derived from the first three letters of my twin girls names – Kayla and Morgan. The second reason I started KayMor Promotions is to build a company with the best service possible and an awesome reputation in the market place.

KayMor Promotions provides you with the essential tools and resources to market your brand in this very competitive corporate world. Our mission statement is and always has been – “assuring you of our best service always”. In closing, I am passionate about life and business and would love to introduce my company to you.

Steven Hunter

KayMor Promotions
Tel – 09 263 6881
Fax – 09 262 4411
Cell – 021 501 863
Skype – gadget4437

“assuring you of our best service always”

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