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Biltong Maker | Biltong Box | Make your own Biltong at a fraction of the cost of buying
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DIY Biltong Maker. Built in New Zealand, made by an engineer. A quality biltong box for affordable biltong and meat drying.
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DIY Biltong Making with The Biltong Box.
The Biltong Box is New Zealand designed and handmade by an engineer. It is an appliance which can stand in your living room and has been made to last! Only the best commercial material and supplies have been used to create this box. Instead of biltong being a luxury, it can now be affordable and part of your family\'s weekly diet. With our DIY biltong maker, there is no guess work, just follow the recipe on the biltong box website and guaranteed in 3 days you will have biltong. The savings of making your own biltong will make this appliance a worthwhile investment for years to come.
The drying box can be used for drying any product of your choice.
It is made from stainless steel to ensure a clean flavour.
The box is made from B/A stainless steel, pine and MDF. It includes a 100w light fitting and a whisper quiet fan. It is suitable for the lounge or garage.
Depending on your cut of meat and your texture preference the drying process should take approx. 3-4 days. Biltong connoisseurs will appreciate the aroma of the drying process. Find out more about our biltong maker visit

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