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The Debt Doctor | Got Debt and cant seem to get a break?
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Have you come to New Zealand for a better life, only to find that nice as it is, New Zealand is a very costly place to live.
Setup costs, transport costs, housing costs and only getting $1 for every 10 rand don`t seem to help.
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If you can answer yes to 2 or more of the following questions, its time to re-evaluate your situation.
• Are You In Debt?
• Do you dread opening your mail for fear of finding Final Demand Notices?
• Do you get calls from companies you owe money to?
• Have any of your accounts been sent to a collection agency ?
• Are you considering getting a loan to pay off other debts?
• Do you struggle to find the money to pay the bills each month?
Get some form of debt remediation in place before it affects your financial stability, your family life and possibly your residency status.

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