80% of expats happy in New Zealand

Source: Australian Magazine

80% of expats happy in New Zealand
Eight out of 10 expats who move to New Zealand are satisfied with their new lives, according to the latest research.

A survey by the government’s Immigration Settlement Monitoring Programme shows expats are enjoying their new lifestyle – but more than a fifth (22%) have no friends or do not socialise with New Zealanders.

Although 80% of recent migrants were more than happy with their lifestyle choice of moving to New Zealand, 45% said they were ‘very satisfied’ – a figure five points up on a similar survey a year ago.

Around 70% of expressed the desire to stay permanently in New Zealand, while 89% would recommend New Zealand to friends and family, reported the survey.

The Labour and Immigration Research Centre in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment continuously surveys expats, employers and New Zealanders to measure settlement attitudes towards immigration.

“Labour market participation for recent migrants is generally positive. Not only were seven out of 10 recent migrants in paid employment in 2011, over three quarters of employed migrants said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their main job and 72% stated that their occupation matched or partly matched their skills and qualifications,” said head of Labour and Immigration Research Vasantha Krishnan.

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