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Louis Van Niekerk, Psychologist and Counsellor | Louis Van Niekerk, Psychologist, Counsellor – Two Auckland locations
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South African, Louis Van Niekerk is a registered Psychologist living in New Zealand for the past 18 years with over 33 years of experience in dealing with people of various ages - children, adolescents and adults. Louis is experienced with a wide range of therapies including behavioural, relaxation, anger, relationships, alcohol and substance abuse.
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Services provided to improve the quality of your emotional/mental health and life:
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Relaxation Exercises
Alcohol and Drug Dependency issues
Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorders
Relationship and Marital problems
Neuropsychological and Intelligence assessments - adults and children
Anxiety and Depression issues
Obsessive-Compulsive disorders
Eating disorders
Adjustment disorders
Grief counselling
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder problems and EMDR treatment
Sexual Dysfunction problems
Sport Psychology/Motivation issues, etc.
33 Years in private practice
Fifteen years in NZ
Consulting psychologist for 14yrs, at Student Health Centre - part time
Consulting psychologist for 13yrs, at Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre - part time.
Consulting psychologist for 1yr, at ABI [Acquired Brain Injury] Centre in Auckland - part time.
Consulting psychologist for 4yrs, at the Pakuranga Counselling Centre in Auckland - part time.
Working for two Employee Assistance Program Providers: Stratos and Instep.

CONTACT NAME: Louis Van Niekerk
Psychologist ■ Counsellor - Two Auckland locations
Phone: 09 535 6795   Mobile: 027 207 8631

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