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Child’s Play O.T. Ltd – developmental delays, learning difficulties, chromosomal disorders, motor disorders + undiagnosed difficulties.  |  Occupational Therapy – Sensory Integration Therapy
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We are a private Occupational Therapy practice specialising in sensory integration therapy.
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Child\'s Play O.T. Ltd offers support for children (and their families) who have developmental delays, learning difficulties, chromosomal disorders, motor disorders as well as undiagnosed difficulties. We specialise in sensory integration therapy and are one of the few practices in Auckland with specialised training and therapy rooms for this form of intervention. We have two clinics located in Eden Terrace and Silverdale. We take a relaxed, child- and family-centered approach to therapy and ensure that all goals and strategies fit your needs.


If your child is experiencing tantrums, social skill difficulty, poor coordination, poor handwriting and lack of body awareness (just to name a few) then we will be able to help.


We also consult to adults with sensory processing difficulties.


Contact us to find out how we are able to help.


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