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Eton Press | Servicing Your Children’s Education Needs
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We are a specialist educational bookshop for primary and secondary school pupils
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Eton Press is a NZ owned and operated business providing educational resources for primary and secondary school students in New Zealand. The business is an integral part of the Academy Book Company, NZ largest academic bookseller.

Handily located in Albany, on Auckland\'s North Shore, staff provide much needed resources for those parents who require additional study aids for their children. 

For secondary school students undertaking NCEA, Cambridge or International Baccalaurate examinations, study guides provide a reassuring backstop.

Primary school students learning is enhanced by workbooks such as Action English and Dragon Maths

As NZ\'s largest supplier of ESOL (english as a second language) resources, we cater for international students and recent immigrants. 

Please visit our store/showroom and we can assist with your child\'s educational needs.

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