IMR Smart Solutions

IMR Smart Solutions
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One stop metal fabrication & tube plasma cutting shop
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In IMR Fabrication we are master craftmen in our field of welding, fabrication & woodworking offer a wide scope of services from performance motor vehicle mods to CNC tube & sheet plasma cutting to bespoke metal & wood craft.

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If you are a small to medium business owner and tired of the delays and inefficiency in out-sourcing work then IMR is your solution. Having struggled for years with the frustration of slow lead times when out sourcing work, we decided to turn the tables around and offer what the industry is lacking. If you are a small business operator you know that time wasted is money lost. IMR Fabrication is fully equipped with everything from CNC Tube and Sheet plasma cutting to welding/fabrication services and more recently woodworking. We can do one off as well as production work. The best is our lead time and competitive pricing will save you dollars and increase your own profit margin. We have implemented our production strategies in our own workshop set up and saved invaluable time & money.
We are here to serve you. Try us.
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As a family we immigrated here from Zim in 2000 and over the years have given preference to other South African small business owners when outsourcing services.
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