A home from home

A home from home
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I am a licensed real estate agent in the Rotorua. I can help with both residential rental and the purchase and sale of residential and commercial property.
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My name is Jon Allcock. I work for McDowell Real Estate, The Professionals in Rotorua. I am committed to helping South Africans living in New Zealand settle into their new home. The question of getting into the right area, near the right schools, is a big concern for many new immigrants. I have experienced this and am therefore well placed to help my fellow countrymen to find their way. I can take a big worry and add some real value.

P: 07 222 5252
M: 027 900 0600
A/H: 07 349 6671
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I was born, raised and educated in South Africa, Durban specifically. I have lived in Johannesburg and Cape Town and been to most places in South Africa. Wherever you tell me you have lived, I will know what sort of house to find you.
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