Great Exposure – Promotional Opportunities – Low Advertising Rates

  1. Why PAY high $$$’s for printed Advertising when your valuable news can stay ONLINE forever?
  2. Want to connect with the South African Community?Value Key On Keyboard Showing Worth Importance Or Significance
  3. Looking for affordable promotional opportunities?


Advertise online with

This is what you get…

  • A business advertorial
  • Article shared to social media
  • Company logo
  • Image gallery (maximum 9)
  • Website link & contact details
  • A FREE business Listing


An all at a LOW RATE of $69.00 + GST

Considered by online South African readers to have the same value as printed editorial. An advertorial enables you to explain yourself, your product, company or event. The implied endorsement by the South African website and the utilisation of the reach of social sharing of information provides real valuable.

The web with online advertising, within a targeted community, is the most accountable, cheapest, and easiest way to bring in new business.

Contact Cathy on 0211 229 116 or contact us for more information.


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